To cut a 30-year long story short, we’re a design agency and always have been. As our industry has progressed, we have evolved, and so has the importance of design

The year is 1987. The Simpsons first airs on tv, and Tinker Hatfield designs the Nike Air Max. Scandinavian Design Group start a journey to champion design as a strategic tool. Since then, as the longest-running design agency in Norway, we’ve applied our craft to everything from domestic internationals to small niche brands. With our multidisciplinary approach, we have helped our customers through every type of transition you can think of. Brands have the ability to guide, impact, touch and connect with people. We are humbled that our clients trust us with theirs.

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Our design processes are rooted in our Scandinavian Design heritage. Design should improve by simplifying; augmenting what’s most important. This works best through close collaboration with our clients, from strategy through to launch and implementation.


Brand Design

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Implementation
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Content Guidelines
  • Design Systems
  • Employer Branding
  • Research and Insight
  • Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Type Design

Service and Experience Design

  • Business Innovation and Transformation
  • Communication
  • Content
  • Digital Design and Development
  • Employer Activation
  • Environmental Design
  • Film
  • Motion Design
  • Process Management
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Research and Insight
  • Retail design
  • Service design
  • Social Media
  • Sound Design

Our misson

We design better businesses. Better for people, planet and profit.


We believe that brands have the ability to enrich lives. That through our understanding, creativity and attention to detail, businesses and their customers can build meaningful relationships through brand experiences.

Today, businesses have a responsibility towards their customers, their own success and the continued prosperity of our planet. This pushes us in our daily work in collaboration with our forward thinking clients.

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A holistic brand experience

Our approach

Everything we do, we do to create an emotional reaction. A reaction that should be synonymous with your brand. But we’re not just here to help you create great experiences, we’re here to make sure that all the experiences you create, are great together. So whether you’re developing a new brand, a new service, or an app, we’ll help you strengthen your position, clarify your value and amplify your effect.

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Our clients

We actively manage a range of different brands for our clients. While many of these are for major national companies, we’re equally as fond of our smaller clients and their brands. A well balanced portfolio gives us the energy and experience that benefits all.

Client 01 sbm
Client 02 klp
Client 03 vipps
Client 04 dnvgl
Client 05 alab
Client 06 schibsted
Client 07 gjensidige
Client 08 osu
Client 09 mastercard
Client 10 nho
Client 11 amerikalinjen
Client 12 statnett
Client 13 fremtind
Client 14 innovasjonnorge
Client 15 maxbo
Client 16 sparebank1
Client 17 eie
Client 18 entur
Client 19 finn
Client 20 goahead

We aim to simplify and inspire. That should be how you experience working with us too. With us, you can be sure that we’ll become as obsessive about your brand as you are.


Our principles


It’s our job to understand the people we design for. That’s why we work at the intersection of rational and emotional thinking.


We are passionate about developing sustainable solutions. We aim to be a partner for knowledge and inspiration for a brighter future.


We are committed to moving quickly from thought to testing and action as we contribute to all forms of value creation.

Digital first

Our solutions should meet people in their natural habitat. That’s why everything we do starts with digital.

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Our new home

Join us at the new Deichman Library, a home for knowledge and creativity, where with us, you can enjoy all the amenities one of the greatest cultural initiatives of our time has to offer.