Fashion where sustainability is the guide to growth

Innlegg fra Filippa K:

The Filippa K vision is “fashion where sustainability is the guide to growth”. Ecosystems and planetary boundaries are our inspiration. We want to be part of the solution rather than add to the problem.

Sustainability has always been part of our DNA and values. To make clothes that can live for a long time in both quality and style has been our strategy from the very beginning. We offer garments that can be used season after season that represent a style rather than a trend. That is one of our greatest contributions to sustainability. Filippa Knutsson herself once said, “Inspired by my own needs and of those around me I set up to build a brand with substance and truth, not dependent on the superficial trends of the fashion industry.

The Curated Wardrobe and Circular Design

Circular Design is a concept inspired by ecosystems. Circular Design is about changing our models from linear ones, where we take resources like for example cotton from one end and that ends up as waste in the other. Instead we need to change to circular models where no waste is created and all resources well taken care through out the life cycle. It means we constantly strive to minimize our negative environmental and social impact and that every garment is created to be long lasting in both quality and style. And every product is built to be worn, adjusted, mended, loved and recycled. Here we can learn from nature. Nature has been doing it for the last 4 billion years and had plenty of time to fine tune and adjust.

The Curated Wardrobe is the idea that a perfect wardrobe is simple rather than excessive. A carefully curated wardrobe that is created to last and evolve over time. Together with our users we select, maintain and cherish that wardrobe. An important part to succeed with that is to make clothes that can last for a long time and to offer new ways to update that wardrobe, like second hand or the possibility to rent clothes. Another important part is to help our users to care for their products, which is why we added a selection of products to help our users wash, mend and care for their garment.

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As a part of our circular design concept we are devoted to four R’s – Reducing, Repairing, Reusing and Recycling:

  • We create products with minimal negative impact – our Frontrunners of long lasting simplicity.
  • We help our customers care for their garments to make them last as long as possible and minimise environmental impact.
  • We encourage people to give their used garments a second life by passing them on to others or by returning them to one of our stores so that we can help pass them on. We also offer leasing to our users for the same reason.
  • We want old worn-out clothes back so that we can recycle them wherever there is infrastructure available to do so.

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On Going

Our newest sustainability concept is reaching to our customers to get their feedback on our initiatives and different products. The purpose is to help us develop and improve our work going forward and to keep embracing transparency.

What: Test one of our sustainability Initiatives; Frontrunner, Lease Or Second Hand. In return -let us know what you liked or thought we could improve.

How: We’ll either give you a future Frontrunner style to test, unlimited access to lease our clothes or let you try our second hand. When you’re done you’ll answer a few questions to sum up the experience.

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Ending Fashion Revolution Week with a bang at Filippa K!

In honour of Fashion revolution week we invited customers and a few chosen influencers to come to the office for a transparency focused brunch and meet the people behind the brand, our suppliers who make the clothes you wear and listen to inspiring talks by the women who in their work embody the future of the fashion industry. The goal? To power a change in making this a beautiful industry not only by those who consume it, but for the entire supply chain.

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